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SPRING, 201019Carbon Deposits on Aluminum Sinker Burns
SPRING, 201019Wire EDM'ing Magnesium
SUMMER, 201025RS232 Communications Issues
SUMMER, 201025Demagnetizing Steel Before Wire EDM
SUMMER, 201026Removing Recast Layer
FALL, 201029EDM'ing Sub Gates
FALL, 201030Power Feed and Brass Block Meltdown
FALL, 201030Wire EDM Slug Retention
WINTER, 201130pH of Wire EDM Water
WINTER, 201130Nadcap EDM Audits
WINTER, 201131Skim Cuts Explanation
SPRING, 201134Support for EDM Solutions Machine
SPRING, 201134Reducting Sinker Corner Wear
SPRING, 201134Acidic EDM Cleaner
SPRING, 201135Calculating Electrode Undersize for Orbiting
SUMMER, 201142Sinker EDM Performance Issues
SUMMER, 201142Cleaner for Wire EDM
SUMMER, 201143Deep Small Hole Burning in Carbide
FALL, 201146Plating Adherence to EDM Surface
FALL, 201146Surface Pitting in Carbide Sinker Burns
FALL, 201147Preventing Negative Wire Breakthrough Mark
WINTER, 201240Best Sinker EDM Electrode Material for PCD
WINTER, 201240Orbit Pattern for Sinker Burning Splines Part 1
WINTER, 201241Make-up Water for Wire EDM
WINTER, 201241Used EDM Resin as Blast Media
WINTER, 201241Sources for EDM Surface Finish Gages
SPRING, 201238Green Tint on Brass Wire
SPRING, 201238Reconditioning Wire Guides
SPRING, 201238EDM Wire Tolerances
SPRING, 201239WEDM Glue Tabs for Complicated Shapes
SPRING, 201258Orbit Pattern for Sinker Burning Splines Part 2
SPRING, 201258pH of WEDM and Small Hole Dielectric
SUMMER, 201250Pickup Issues with Mitsubishi SX10
SUMMER, 201250Replacement Hoses for Sinker EDM
SUMMER, 201250Ex-cello Cycle Start Won't Work
SUMMER, 201251Water Dielectric for Sinker EDM
SUMMER, 201251What is CobraCut Type D Wire?
FALL, 201246Electrode Material for Blind Holes in Titanium
FALL, 201246Black Spots in Corners on Sinker Burn
FALL, 201246Threading Issues with .3mm Wire
FALL, 201247Pink Slime and Fishy Smell in WEDM Dielectric System
WINTER, 201352Distortion in Precision WEDM Geometry in Copper
WINTER, 201352Weep Hole Function in WEDM Diamond Guide
WINTER, 201353Does EDM Cause Workpiece Cracking?
WINTER, 201353Rebuild That Old Wire EDM?
SPRING, 201358Preventing DC Arcs
SPRING, 201359Minimizing Strain Movement with Rough and Skim Cuts
SPRING, 201359EDM Tapping Quality Issues
SPRING, 201360Truing Up Delicate Sinker Electrodes
SUMMER, 201346Avoiding Wire Breakage in Thick Parts
SUMMER, 201346Fine Wire Buildup in Wire Basket
SUMMER, 201347Copper Graphite Electrodes in Vollmer Machine?
SUMMER, 201347Wire Build-up in the Upper Guide
SUMMER, 201347Short Circuits in the Final Skim Pass
FALL, 201346Magnets in Sinker Dielectric Tank?
FALL, 201346Wire EDM'ing Copper Tungsten
FALL, 201346Nozzle-to-Workpiece Gap in Submerged Cutting
FALL, 201347Premature Resin Failure
FALL, 201347Deionized Water Gas Explosions
FALL, 201348Machine to Computer Communications Issues
WINTER, 201444Part Discoloration in Small Hole EDM
WINTER, 201444Small Hole EDM Mystery
WINTER, 201444Stress Relief in Carbide Dies
WINTER, 201445Wire Edgefinding Problem
WINTER, 201445Problems Cutting 303 Stainless
WINTER, 201446Black Slim on Side of WEDM Dielectric Tank
SPRING, 201450Manual Wire Alignment
SPRING, 201451Conductivity Issues on an Mitsubishi FA10
SPRING, 201451Fanuc W2 Gives False Indication of Wire Breaks
SPRING, 201452Mitsubishi MV 4-Axis Programming Issue
SPRING, 201453Recovering from a WEDM Operating System Crash
SUMMER, 201460Cutting Tall 420 Stainless Parts
SUMMER, 201460Conductivity Issues on a Brother HS-50A
SUMMER, 201461Oil WEDM for Carbide?
SUMMER, 201461Electrode Material for Inconel
SUMMER, 201461Selecting One's First Wire EDM
FALL, 201460Burning Dies with Coined Electrodes
FALL, 201461Estimating Software for Sinker EDM
FALL, 201461Wire Cutting a T-Slot in a Tall Part
WINTER, 201544Cleaning Dielectric Oil from Parts
WINTER, 201544Pitting on WEDM Aluminum Parts
WINTER, 201544WEDM Dielectric Conductivity Issues
WINTER, 201545Explosive Wire Breakage
SPRING, 201544Conductive Glue for Sinker EDM Electrodes
SPRING, 201544Clamp Erosion During Small Hole Burn
SPRING, 201544Wire EDM using Magnetic Vee Block
SPRING, 201545Burning Oblong Holes in a Small Hole EDM
SPRING, 201545Wire EDM Not Following Programmed Path
SPRING, 201545Same Program for WEDM and CNC Mill?
SUMMER, 201546Keeping Tapped Holes Clean in WEDM Rails
SUMMER, 201546Copper Tungsten Porosity and Inclusion Issues
SUMMER, 201546Copper Tungsten Porosity and Inclusion Issues
SUMMER, 201547When to Change Sinker EDM Dielectric
SUMMER, 201547EDM'ing Anodized Workpieces
FALL, 201548What's the Best Machine?
FALL, 201548Power Feed Holder Block Erosion
FALL, 201548Does 3-D Orbiting Increase Surface Pitting?
FALL, 201549Cataxtrophic Carbide Cracking After Wire EDM
WINTER, 201656Transformer Oil as EDM Dielectric?
WINTER, 201656Truing a Sinker Chuck to the Machine Axes
WINTER, 201657Chipping on Wire Cut Graphite Electrodes
WINTER, 201657Skim Cuts on Punches Don't Clean Up
SPRING, 201644Removing Wire EDM Stress
SPRING, 201644Hole Popper Filtration
SPRING, 201644Nadcap WEDM Polarity Audit
SPRING, 201645Power Feed Contact Issues
SUMMER, 201650Sinker EDM Dielectric Reservoir Cleanout Procedure
SUMMER, 201650Adding Salt to WEDM Dielectric to Lower Resistivity?
SUMMER, 201650Adding Ozone Generation to WEDM
SUMMER, 201621Failed Recast Layer Testing for Aerospace WEDM Job
FALL, 201644Oxide Issues When Hole Popping and Wire Cutting Aluminum
FALL, 201644Moly Wire Problems
FALL, 201645Tungsten Wire Problems
WINTER, 201742Improving Belly on a 5" Tall Part
WINTER, 201742Will Non-Submerged Cutting Damage Upper Wire Guide?
WINTER, 201742Sizing a Replacement Chiller
WINTER, 201743EDM'ing Carbon Fibre Reinforced Plastic
Spring, 201742Small Hole EDM Electrode Jamming in Ceramic Guide
Spring, 201742Another Conductive Adhesive Question
Spring, 201742Wire EDM'ing a Thread?
Summer, 201756Threading Issues with .002" Tungsten Wire
Summer, 201756Threading Issue on an Older Mits
Summer, 201757Discoloration of Brass Workpieces
Summer, 201757Correcting Taper in a Thick Workpiece
Summer 201758Speeding Up Multi-pass Cuts in a Mits
Fall, 201748Cleaning Wire EDM'd Parts
Fall, 201748Wire Cutting Narrow Ribs
Fall, 201748EDM of CFRP
Fall, 201749Steel Core Wire Applications
Winter, 201844Poor Filter Life
Winter, 201844Storing Too Many Programs in CNC
Winter, 201844Zinc Transfer to Recast
Winter, 201845Wire Entry/Exit Mark Issues
Spring, 201840More on Mat'l Transfer from Wire to Workplace
Spring, 201841Softer Wire for 30 Degree Taper?
Summer, 201864Problems Cutting Tall Parts with Zinc Coated Wire
Summer, 201864Length of Wire on a Spool
Summer, 201864Cutting Large Tapers in Tall Parts
Summer, 201865Wire Cutting Thin Plates
Summer, 201866Electrode Material for Cutting AMPCO Ribs
Fall, 201850Recommendations for Slug Retention Glue
Fall, 201850Krazy Glue Solvent
Fall, 201851EDM'ing Magnets
Fall, 201851Wire EDM Pitts Cutting Titanium
Winter, 201944Wire Spool Capacity - 2
Winter, 201944Water Dielectric for Sinker EDM -2
Winter, 201944Correcting Out-of-Square Part with Wire EDM
Winter, 201945Extending Machine Table Surfaces
Spring, 201944Wire EDM as an End Mill
Spring, 201944Wire Cut Strategies For Multiple Parts
Spring, 2019449" Deep Hole in Stellite
Spring, 201945Burning Dicast Mold Threads
Summer, 201958Preparation for Ask Roger/Consulting
Fall, 201966Sinker Cleaning Procedure
Fall, 201966Poor Wire EDM Finish on Laminated Material
Fall, 201966Multiple vs Single Electrodes
Fall, 201967Cutting Off Additive Parts
Fall, 201967Welding Cable for Gap Cables?
Winter, 202060EDM'ing Carbide with Copper Tungsten
Winter, 202060Reverse Burn Polarity
Winter, 202061Expanding Toolchanger Capacity
Spring, 202048

What Causes Bannan Shaped Wirecut Punch?
Spring, 2020
Selecting Filter Micron Rating

Spring, 2020
WEDM .0023 Corner Radius Issues

Summer, 2020
Die Draft or Land First
Summer, 2020
HAZ and Recast Question
Summer, 2020
Wire Cutting Large Titanium Parts
Summer, 2020
Sinker EDM Replacement Hose Issues
Fall, 2020
Cleaning and Protecting Wire EDM Parts
Fall, 2020
Brass Wire for Accurate Pickups?
Fall, 2020
Cleaning Diamond Wire Guides
Winter, 2021
Wire Stuck in Wire Guides
Winter, 2021
Multiple Part Sinker Burns
Winter, 2021
Conductivity Calibration
Winter, 2021

Spring, 2021
Are All Brass Wires The Same
Spring, 2021
Identifying Mystery Graphite

Spring, 2021
Algae Problems in Wire EDM Water

Spring, 2021
What is a Safety Filter

Summer, 2021
Unwanted Wire EDM Line Segments

Summer, 2021
54Wire EDM Damascus Steel

Summer, 2021
Brass Wire Substitution for Certified Process
Summer, 2021
Choosing a Coated Wire
Fall, 2021
52X-wire Not Autothreading
Fall, 2021
52Very Small Holes in Tungsten Carbide
Fall, 2021
52Sinker EDM Oil Cleaner
Fall, 2021
53Deionizing Resin Recycling
Winter, 2022
Working with Tiny Small Hole Tubes

Winter, 2022
Coated Wire Conundrum